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Q. How will I know when my order has been processed?
A. You will find the status of your orders on your control panel after logging into your account.

Q. How long will it take my profile to be seen by
A. Once you finish building a complete profile and we activate your account, your profile can be searched by At the same time it also becomes eligible for our premium services. Several times each day we check for, review, and activate new accounts.

Q. I learned that my Resume Listing/Contractor Listing was processed but I can't find it.
A. There is a search feature in the employer section that can be used to find your listing if you ordered a Resume Listing or Contractor Listing.

Q. How do I update the information in my profile?
A. Login into your account and select the appropriate section to change or add information.

Q. Why aren't I getting any response to my Resume Listing or Contractor listing?
A. There can be a number of reasons. There might be low demand for individuals with your experience or there might simply be others that more closely match an employers requirements. Some times the listing simply may not be as effective with you as it has been with others.

Q. What is the normal amount of "hits" that a customer's Resume Listing or Contractor listing gets online at
A. This depends on a number of factors. When the market is good some individuals get contacted every week, others find that several hits a month is good. When times are not good or your experience is not in demand, you might not hear anything for awhile. Remember, everyone gets different results.

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Q. In response to a job posting I tried to email my resume, but when I clicked on the hyperlink it asked for a username and password.
A. More than likely your computer is wanting to use an "internet based" emailing program (e.g. hotmail, msn, AOL, etc.) and is asking your username and password for that program.

Q. I'm looking at the jobs page and it's over a month old. What is wrong?
A. You might not be looking at the latest page because your web browser may not be set to refresh every time you visit a web site. You can manually do this by using the "refresh" button on your browser. Also, you can go into the options section of your browser to modify the settings.

Q. Can I send my resume to a job that is no longer linked for viewing?
A. No. After 60 days (or earlier at the employer's request) a job is removed. We cannot publish or give out the information again without the employer's permission.

Q. Can you give me the name of the company advertising a particular job?
A. We cannot do this unless we have the company's permission. We respect their need for privacy.

Q. Occasionally I see jobs with an address in it. Who receives this email?
A. In many cases the emails are being forwarded directly to the employer. In some cases we are reviewing applicant resumes for an employer and the emails are coming to us. Although we usually mention in the advertisement if we are receiveing the email, it is not our policy that we must inform applicants of this process.

Q. I applied for a job but I didn't get confirmation from the employer. Why not?
A. Many employers don't have the resources, time, or interest in sending out a reply. Though confirming receipt of a resume is good practice, it isn't always practical in today's busy world.

Q. Can I get an automatic email when a new job is posted?
A. No. However, if you have an account in our database you will receive employer paid job announcements on occasion. It includes a summary of the latest jobs posted on the website.

Q. I see the same job on several web sites. Are you copying jobs?
A. No. We only post jobs that our customers want us to post or jobs they authorize us to post. Some employers choose to advertise on several websites at once. Unfortunately, there are other websites that post jobs without the employer's consent. Sometimes these same websites post pilot credentials without a pilot's consent.

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Q. Can you invoice my company?
A. No. We do require payment prior to processing any orders.

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Q. How do I get registered in your database?
A. In the Pilots, Flight Attendants, and Maintenance Personnel sections, a "Register With Us" link has been provided.

Q. I submitted my qualifications. How can I tell if I'm in the database?
A. If you have an account and can log in and see your profile in our system, then you are in the database.

Q. What are some of the reasons I might not be accepted into your database?
A. In general, not having any experience in aircraft used in business aviation; an invalid email address; not providing an email address or phone number; etc. For the pilot database, not having enough total flight hours. For the flight attendant database, not the required training.

Q. Can I be part of the database without getting any email from
A. No. We ask that all registered users be subscribed to our email system. Since our database is a free service, we require the subscription to the email list.

Q. Will the information I give you remain private?
A. Yes. We do not sell, rent, or give away information.

Q. Will I receive a lot of junk email if I register with your database?
A. No. We send out employer paid job ads and occasional updates about AvCrew. However, you won't see so much mail that you will get sick of it.

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Job Postings

Q. When will my advertisement be available online?
A. Orders are processed Monday thru Friday and are typically completed within 1 to 2 business days. Customers will be notified by email when the advertisement is online and ready for review.

Q. How can a view my job listing?
A. Select the appropriate link located in the "Jobs" section.

Q. I received a email that my job listing was online but I can't find it.
A. Make sure to follow the directions received in your email. Also, make sure your browser is actually seeing the latest information. (Select the "refresh" button on your browser. You can modify your browser options to always see the latest information.)

Q. Can I delete my job listing before the 60 days are up?
A. Yes, a link is provided in the "Employers" section or you may call 615-422-5375.

Q. Can I modify my job listing during the 60 days?
A. Yes, a link is provided in the "Employers" section or you may call 615-422-5375.

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About AVCREW.COM, Inc.

Q. Are you owned by or affiliated with other online services?
A. No, we are an independent business, operating as such since early 1997.

Q. Does AvCrew list jobs outside of business aviation?
A. No. We concentrate on business aviation employment. You don't have to wade through job listings for airline customer service agents or aeronautical engineers. If you have a career in business aviation, this is the place to be.

Q. Where do you get your job listings from?
A. Almost all of the jobs we list are provided straight from the employer. We are not a clearing house of job listings found elsewhere on the Internet. During slow times we may discover jobs on employer's websites and highlight them on When we do this we include the phrase "AvCrew has discovered....." in the ad copy. Several services flaunt the number of listings they have, but many of them are simply found on the Internet through or similar portals, harvested from other websites, or re-listed every few weeks. In some cases you can't tell how legitimate these listings are. Our clients know we have the target audience they are trying to reach and many advertise with us exclusively.

Q. Can I really find a job using AvCrew?
A. We believe your chances of getting contacted by an employer that views your resume on our site is better than if you had used another online service. Pilots, flight attendants, and other crew members listed with AvCrew find they can receive direct personal contact from the employer that is seeking to hire a new pilot. This is not the case with most services where an employer simply mass mails hundreds of pilots. Each customer has different results.

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