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Here are some of the positive comments we receive from jobseekers. Results may vary.

"AvCrew, Please cancel my membership. You guys have been great. I am no longer flying contract. I have taken a Director of Aviation job. Thanks again for everything!" Satisfied Pilot with a Contract Pilot listing.

"...Thank you very much for your service, it has helped me and my family "get through" a furlough at the world's largest airline."  Satisfied Pilot with a Contract Pilot listing.

"I have found full time employment. I commend you for your service. AvCrew was a great help and really got my name and resume out there. Please remove my resume from your listing. I will be sure to recommend your service to anyone I meet. Thank you once again." Pilot with Resume Listing

"I won’t be renewing my contractor listing, but thanks for the reminder and for the offer. Thanks to AvCrew I landed a great new job." Satisfied Pilot with a Contract Pilot listing.

"Please cancel my listings with Avcrew. You have been an asset for me many times the last 2 years with some good contract work and a few interviews also. I am currently flying 135 in my home town and staying fairly busy. Thanks" Satisfied Pilot with a Contract Pilot and Resume listing.

"Thank you!! I answered a job ad back in June, was called to interview and then hired the next day. I was a CFI from Florida, and I finally got my lucky break flying as an FO for a great jet charter company in Missouri. Thanks for being a free site, because as a CFI I could not afford the other sites. I've told everyone back home that I got job because of one of your ads, so now there are many more hopeful pilots using the site too. Thanks again." Satisfied Pilot

"Hello and thanks, I did receive a job from someone who searched your site and it worked out great." Contract Pilot

Everything you have advertised has come to pass. Especially the subscription price paid for the returns obtained. Only one of eleven clients I had over my fifteen month contracting period came from AvCrew.Com but it was really worth it. This client sent me to school, paid the best, and used my services the most. Thank you and I recommend your service to anyone in a flying job transition." Satisfied Pilot

"I'm in the process of being furloughed by my employer as a result of consolidation and downsizing. I've found more information (and job offers) through AVCREW than any other source on the web. [Your] listings are not just copied daily... but are updated with NEW ONES. You are in my opinion the best job source available to us. Thank you."  Corporate Pilot

"I have received [a] new contract position from [my] listing!" Contract Flight Attendant

"Having only been in your system two days, I am already receiving offers. Some very good offers. I had no idea how this was going to work, but I can tell you ... the results for the money spent is worth every penny." Turbojet Pilot in the Southeast

"I first heard of you from a co-captain that obtained his current part-time SIC job thru your listings. So, kudos!" Corporate Pilot

  "Thank you in advance for providing such excellent client service for the job-seeker side." Air Transport Pilot

"I have acquired four new clients as a result of my contract pilot listing on AVCREW." Independent Contract Pilot

"Great site! This looks like a superb tool for networking among pilots/operators in the field. Thanks.." Pilot

"Your web site is the best I found for pilot job search. Keep up the good work!" Sabreliner Pilot

"... By the way, your website is the only one I have posted on that I have actually received work from!!! Good work too! Just thought you'd like to know that."  Flight Attendant

"Thank you for your service. I am a believer in AVCREW.COM and am excited to have had a recent response." 2000 hour Pilot, California

"I think your website is one of the best out there. I used to fly freight in King Airs, and thanks to your website I just got hired to fly a LEAR 60!!!!!! Thanks." Newly employed pilot

"I have picked up several calls and one gig from your site. I always ask where people have heard of me, and I am beginning to hear they found me on AVCREW. Good job and consider me a long term customer of yours." Contract Pilot featured on AVCREW.COM

"Thanks again for your prompt service. I have received some good leads from you and I hope one will pan out soon." Satisfied Pilot

"I have recently accepted a captain position with a company. Therefore I wish to discontinue the posting of my resume. Your service has been valuable and the results speak for themselves." ATP Rated Pilot

"Just wanted to let you know that I have accepted a position that I found on your site... Thanks for your support, you have an outstanding site that provides a valuable service to both companies and individuals looking for new opportunities." Turbojet Pilot, California

"...I am happy to inform you that I got more than half a dozen inquiries... to my resume posted on your service... I finally accepted a job listed on your service... as Chief Pilot on a King Air 200... and I am very happy. Please discontinue listing my resume on your service as I continue getting calls." Pilot, Southeastern U.S.

"Please take my name off your list and take my resume off the web. I got the call and took the job. Thanks for working for me even when I'd all but forgotten about putting my resume on your site. That was the best [money] I've ever spent and it turned out to be worth more than... I spent for another service." Newly hired turbojet pilot


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