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Your Email Address

AvCrew will not sell or give away your email address. However, if you publish anything on our site and include your email address we cannot control who obtains the information or how they will use it. If you are concerned about publishing your email address or fax number we suggest that you use an alternate, temporary email address from the many online services that offer email or a temporary fax number offered by online fax services.

Your Records

AvCrew will not sell or give away information you submit to us.

AvCrew.Com Marketing

AvCrew selectively and occasionally sends out email regarding news about our service, special offers, and employer paid help-wanted ads that include distribution to our registered customers.

Removing Your Records

If you wish to have your published information removed from our website or your records removed from our database, we will fulfill your request, no hassles.

Security. . . utilizes SSL technology when processing your payment. For SSL to work, you must use an SSL-enabled browser (most available browsers, version 3.0 and later, support SSL). We utilize an established and respected credit card processing company to facilitate the payment process and we do not maintain payment information on a system connected to the Internet. We have been accepting credit cards for over twelve years and have not received any customer complaints related to processing payments online.


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